Misc stuff

This stuff was created for private use. I release it under the GPL so anybody can use it.


A small script, which tries to link all files from one directory (including subdirectories) into an other directory and can copy special files. This is useful if you want to create several nfsroots, which need the same files except the ones in /etc



This script makes use of vidcap from the xawtv package and creates nice webcam-pictures with configurable title and timestamp. It can upload the pictures in an intervall to a ftp-server. Optionally it provides its own webserver.


cit (corporate identity tool)

cit is a small replacement for wml (website meta-language). With cit you can use a template so that every page has the same layout


Seahaven Towers

This game was my first (and hopfully last) big program in (SWI-)Prolog. I had to write it together with a friend for computer science. It's a card-game and allows playing against the computer


YODA - a photo database

This was our Java project. We implemented the following features.

  • web-interface runs with JSP (Java server pages) on Apache Tomcat
  • different categories
  • meta data is stored in MySQL database (using JDBC)
  • serveral versions of the same picture possible
  • boolean searching for title, photographer etc
  • browsing pictures with thumbnail view
  • online-help (currently everything German)

The source has hard-coded paths and filenames. It is provided for experienced developers. BTW: Yoda means Yoda phOto DAtabase ;-)


Mon, 17. Dec 2001, 15:46 Uhr